Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I think of myself as a storyteller. Both in my professional life and as my hobby I love to tell stories. Since photography comes to me easier than just the words I have made a habit out of covering each photo assignment as if I am 'writing' a story. Like the written story that has a beginning, ending, etc. a photo story needs to have basic elements as well. 

First off find a main subject to your story. You can include other people in your photographs but staying focused on one person's story helps the reader follow the flow. That first subject might be the person with the best expressions. Here are my five points to a good photo story. For our example I am using photographs taken during a croquet practice.

 First I start off with a general photograph showing them at play.

Next I'm looking for a close-up. Maybe of the mallet about to connect with the ball. If the subject plays the piano try getting close-up photos of the hands on a keyboard.

Now come in close to the face. People like to connect with other people. Seeing their expressions is great!

Take an angle from the back. This gives you a chance to show a different look to the general shot.

Lastly, go outside the box. Look into your creativity. This photo by itself might not tell any of the story but if it's used along with the other images might become that one piece that people remember the most.

Use your camera as your communication tool and share your stories with everyone. ~ Randy Flaum

Randy is the assistant managing editor for visuals at the York Dispatch.

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