Monday, November 19, 2012


Have you ever entered a photo contest?  Or have you just said to yourself I never seem to be able to take the kind of  photos that win. Maybe it's time for you to go for it and start entering any contest that you can. I have never seen anyone publicly humiliated because they did not win. I am pretty sure, however, that  no one ever won if they did not enter. 

Alright I have to admit that I fell into the "Nothing I have taken" group. Although people have told me many time I should do something with photos they see that I have taken, I always just ignored it and moved on. However recently I have decided to take my own advise. So I started to look for contests where I could enter some of my favorite shots. Of course, some entries did nothing. OK, so take some more of my own advise and keep trying.  That's exactly what I did. 

Well it has finally paid off, a little bit anyway. Recently one of my photos received the most likes for the month on a Nikon Facebook page. The only prize is bragging rights but that's fine with me. It means other photographers likes what I did. And today I found out the picture above was chosen as a finalist in a contest run by the Blog Beyond MegaPixel. So now I just have to wait for the readers to vote. But win or lose one of my photos was chosen by other photographers as good enough to make the cut. 

So go ahead and find a contest to enter a few of your own shots. What have you got to lose?

BTW if you want to vote for my photo shown above  CLICK HERE before Dec 6th. And thanks for your support.

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  1. Just a quick update, this picture came in second place in the BeyondMegapixels contest. Thanks to everyone who voted for it.