Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Comfort Zone

We all have that comfort zone that we live in 95% of the time. We are happy there and some people have even told me that it's "OK cause everyone there knows them". We all know change can be hard and in fact human nature is to resist change. That holds true in most everything we do including our photography.

If you like to take landscape photos you might not want to do portraits or still life. Maybe you like to take pictures of family and friends but would never do any urban street photography. Whatever your niche, when given the chance, that is what you most likely will find yourself doing.

I, of course, am the same way. There are certain subjects that I just don't photograph. This year I decided that I would make an effort to try to expand my photography, if just for a fleeting moment. It just so happens that one of the forums I am on has a monthly challenge. No prizes, just bragging rights for the month. So far this year they have been looking for subjects that I just don't or haven't done. I have attempted every one of them so far and am happy to say that I was among the chosen on the last one.

The challenge was food, something I have not tried since High School and the use of film. Needless to say that most of what I had learned back then was filed where my mind could not seem to retrieve it. After playing around with different things this is what I came up with.

It may not be the greatest shot and I do not think that it will end up on the pages of any cookbook, but I likes what I was able to produce and so did some other folks.

The moral of this one is simple. Make a promise to yourself to challenge your photographic "Comfort Zone" this year. Whatever it is I promise that you will be glad you did.

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